Dr. Bertha A. Proctor, SPHR, CCAP

Leadership training and staff development are her forte stemming from advanced education in Communications, Human Resource Development, and Educational Leadership. She is a certified Senior Human Resource Professional.

Dr. Proctor has provided leadership within the Community Action Network serving as a Program Director, Executive Director/Head Start Director and is currently CEO of Pace Community Action Agency. She has served as an adjunct faculty member at local universities, serves on various boards and has conducted state and national trainings. She has also developed and implemented a variety of management systems and business initiatives.

Dr. Proctor is enchanted with world travel, as it has provided new perspectives and views from many different cultures, i.e. Hong Kong, Egypt, England, West Africa, Greece, Bermuda, United Arab Emirates, France, East Africa, Italy, Hungary, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, Austria, & South Africa. Her adventures in other cultures, background in diversified workplaces and experience in many positions, along with her lively training style offer an array of information and enlightenment. Expertise in areas such as: Organizational Development; Organizational Culture; Human Resources; Governance; and Head Start management.


Lori Williams, CCAP

Lori has dedicated her entire career to Community Action. She was introduced to the network 35 years ago through an on-the-job training program. One of the many Community Action success stories this network has produced, she encourages self-reliance and improves the community she serves. She attended Vincennes University and is a graduate of the National Community Action Management Academy and Executive Development Institute. She obtained her Certifed Community Action Professional (CCAP) and is a Certified Pathways to Excellence Reviewer. Currently serving as Associate Director at Pace Community Action Agency, her focus is on program management and leadership development. She also oversees the non-traditional social enterprise funding streams. Lori previously held positions of Controller and Chief Operating Officer.

During the past 10 years, she has provided state and national training as a WiseCAP Training & Consulting Lead Training Consultant. In addition, she currently serves as Treasurer for the Indiana Region 11 Workforce Innovation Board through Grow Southwest Indiana. Lori specializes in finance, technology and program compliance.

Her sense of humor and passion for Community Action are evident the moment you meet her.


Tai Blythe, M.S., CCAP

Master's in Leadership Development and a Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She serves as Pace Community Action Agency's Associate Director handling agency communications and working within the Head Start and Early Head Start programs. She is currently an adjunct professor and has held past positions of ERSEA Specialist and Program Coordinator.

She has worked with a variety of non-profit organizations that include hospitals and youth development programs. Tai has also worked with Fortune 500 companies in developing employee wellness initiatives, workplace safety, smoking cessation and parenting classes.

Tai's creativity, determination for excellence and varied background provide for lively trainings that contain information that can be adapted and used immediately. During her tenure as Associate Director, she has worked through the use of technology and has developed streamlined systems.


Colin Maiorano

Colin is the CEO of StrategyWorx, a consulting and training firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has developed or contributed to developing corporate universities at Eli Lilly, Hewlett Packard and The Prudential.  For over 19 years his firm has focused on strategic planning, innovation, process design and leadership development for clients that include non-profit companies such as National Public Radio, Second Harvest Food Bank, and Community Action Agencies; and other companies such as Proctor & Gamble. Colin has worked in nine countries on four contintents including North America, Europe, Asia and Africa - places like China, Singapore, France, Austria, and Canada.  He is the author of "CONFIDENT, CREDIBLE AND CLEAR: Designing and Delivering Well-Organized, Persuasive Presentations" and as well has written numerous articles and strategic plans.

Colin began working with Pace Community Action Agency in 2007, and over the past 5 years he has worked with our subsidiary - WiseCAP Training & Consulting to provide training for other Community Action Agencies and Associations.


Dr. Michael Gaffley

Dr. Gaffley, founder and CEO of Cultureal Talent Consultants, LLC, is an expert at strategic planning, capacity building, talent management, and succession planning. He is a program professor at Nova Southeastern University and teaches courses in leading change, diversity, ethics, and social justice in education. He is also a certified Clinical Educator and Certified Child and Youth Care Practitioner. Proficient in the art and science of paradigm shifts, relational education and lifestyle negotiations in diverse contexts. Dr. Gaffley works with many Head Start Programs across the nation and is also CLASS certified.

He is a former executive director of state and human services agencies in South Africa where for more than twenty years he was a driving force in numerous collaborative community based partnerships. He worked with the Mandela government to implement the Reconstruction and Development Program (RDP). During this transformation process, from apartheid to democracy, he developed Cultureal, a leadership and organizational capability and capacity building, education, training and technical assistance model facilitating the comprehensive management of the talent organizations. He worked with sexually, physically and emotionally abused children and youth, as well as with foster care and socially excluded families in high-risk environments.

Repositioning, reframing and relating with people to celebrate diversity in organizations are his forte. He has keynoted, presented and inspired at various international and national child and youth focused conferences around the world. Michael brings the quintessential pinnacle perspective; he educates, informs and agitates just enough to energize social change. He recently published his first book about his struggle for identity in the nuanced reality of apartheid South Africa. Flatline to change: Identity, reality, conflict, engagement.

More information about Dr. Michael Gaffley is available at:


Liann Smith

Liann Smith's background includes 18 years of experience at a CPA firm and in the banking industry in many capacities from Bookkeeper to Accounting Supervisor.

Over the past 12 years Liann has worked within Community Action. She began as a Bookkeeper and now oversees all agency fiscal operations. She now serves as Chief Financial Officer. 

Since 2004 Liann has implemented new reporting systems that integrate program processes. She has also improved budget monitoring and tracking in compliance with specific regulations. In addition, she developed curriculum and provides ongoing fiscal and financial-related computer training. 

Under her guidance and direction, Pace Community Action Agency has maintained an outstanding record of fiscal accountability. Annual agency audits indicate exemplary fiscal management and excellent internal controls with no questioned costs or audit exceptions. 


Tanya Bezy

Tanya Bezy is a certified Program for Infant/Toddler Care Trainer. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Child Development/Family Life from Indiana State University.  Ms. Bezy has over 15 years of experience working with Head Start, 6 years as a Teacher, and 9 years in management.  After years as a Site Manager, she currently, fulfills the role of Compliance Program Manager and ChildPlus administrator.  
Tanya has enhanced her professional development by completing graduate coursework from Indiana University in Early Childhood Education.  She is known for her expertise in Early Head Start requirements, data aggregation, compliance, and staff training. She provides engaging trainings that result in reflective supervision, enhanced staff development, and safe practices.  She is a Certified Community Action Professional working for Pace Community Action Agency, and works in conjunction with WiseCAP Training & Consulting Services.